5597 Mapledale Plaza, Dale City, Virginia 22193. Phone 703-670-7668

Dr. Christine Learman

Our Philosophy

Maple Shade Animal Hospital is committed to enhancing the human-animal bond through excellent veterinary care for your pet and client education. Located in the Mapledale Plaza in Dale City, Virginia and serving small animals (dogs and cats) in Dale City and Woodbridge, VA, the veterinarian and staff at Maple Shade Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing all pets with care, comfort and compassion.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Christine Learman, provides a high standard of pet care and a compassionate attitude. We use state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostic equipment and employ a professional, friendly animal hospital staff dedicated to providing excellent care and service to pets. Maple Shade Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services, from pet wellness examinations and vaccinations to veterinary acupuncture and boarding for your dog or cat.

Maple Shade Animal Hospital is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association. This means our hospital meets the rigorous standards developed by the AAHA. We invite clients to tour our hospital, located in Dale City, Virginia, at any time. We want to earn your trust and demonstrate our standards of veterinary medical service: care, comfort and compassion.

American Animal Hospital Association Certification

Maple Shade Animal Hospital is one of less than 18% of North American veterinary hospitals accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). AAHA is the world's leading association of companion animal practitioners. To become an AAHA hospital member, our hospital has passed comprehensive inspections of our veterinary practice, management techniques, hospital facilities, medical and surgical equipment, and medical record keeping. A trained AAHA practice consultant periodically visits the hospital to thoroughly evaluate the facility to be sure it complies with these rigorous standards.